About us

What is Anonyme?

Anonyme (a French word meaning Anonymous) is an automated interest base protocol built for Large number of ethereum users that provide programable liquidity to the platform.

Anonyme Finance is a protocol that would unlock a universe of open Finance application, in a nutshell, it is a Lending & borrowing , staking, farming and swap protocol that reward participants extensively for their activities in an algorithm autonomous ecosystem without ever providing KYC.

Lend, Borrow get rewarded with native token and earn interest . Pay back loan with ANONYME native token and get 2% repayment discount plus other rewards.

The ability to lend, borrow and earn interest in a trustless way is a foundation breakthrough for the full stack of technologies that would make this a reality.

Under development, see demo Check Demo

Key Features

This are some of the features that make our lending & borrowing stand out among our competitors.

Safe & Secure

Fully audited smart contracts. Users experience the most transparent, sustainable distribution of risk, ever


Lend risk free, collect ‘Collateral’ earn ‘Interest’ in liquidity pools, underwrite loans for a fee.


Trade with no counterparty risk. Remain in control of your funds at all times.


Anonyme aggregates spot and lending liquidity across multiple assets.

No Registration, No KYC

No sign up required. Start lending & borrowing from anywhere in the world anonymously.

Anonyme Swap

Anonyme swap is an automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (Dex) currently running in ethereum Blockhain. unlike other swap , Anonyme swap is a community run project that is govern by vote of the community.

Features of Anonyme Swap
Instant Settlement

Immediate token-token settlements

Straightforward Integration

No interaction with off-chain components

Fully On-chain

Multiple exchanges in a single transaction. Fully transparent and verifiable.

Liquidity Aggregation

Get the best token rates from multiple liquidity sources

Customizable Business Model

Ability to customise your own spread

Safe & secured

Fully audited smart contracts. Users experience the most transparent, sustainable distribution without ever losing funds.

stake and farm with the highest APY up to 350. unstake anytime without any restrictions . Farming platform only works on PC.

Anonyme Finance ecosystem

Anonyme ecosystem has to two ANON and ANONF. Both tokens are governance Community get rewarded for using our platform.


ANONF is Anonyme swap governance

ANON is Anonyme farm governance

ANON is Lending and borrowing native token.

Provider liquidity and get Uni LP token and Anonyme LP token for rewards.

Start Farming Now

Token Details

Our protocol is powered by two ERC-20 smart contract

Token Name: Anonyme Finance
Token Technology: Ethereum ERC-20
Token Symbol: ANONF
Total Supply: 30,000,000
Decimal: 18
Smart Contract: Etherscan Link
Token Name: Anonyme
Token Technology: Ethereum ERC-20
Token Symbol: ANON
Total Supply: 30,000,000
Decimal: 18
Smart Contract: Etherscan Link
Our Farming Platform operates with a Smart Contract called MasterChef. Etherscan Link
Team 10% (Lock for 12 months)
Airdrop and Bounty 2%
Marketing 10%
Partnership 5%
Uniswap liquidity 20%
Pre Sale 3%
Rewards 50%
2020 - Q4

Anonyme Farming launch

Staking activated

Lending and borrowing platform development begins.

Uniswap listing and liquidity Lock.

2021 - Q1

Anonyme swap launch

Airdrop distribution

Blockchain development begins

Lending and borrowing platform launch

2021 - Q2

Wallet development begins

Blockchain development Launch

Partnership Announcement

Mobile app Staking development begins.

2021 - Q3

Mobile app Staking launch

Listing on more exchanges.

Migration to ANONYME Blockhain

Anonyme Wallet launch

Farming expansion

Anonyme in the media